Fortnite Servers Down Today: When Will They Back up?

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After the Chapter 3 Fracture Finale event on 3 December at 4:40 p.m. ET, Fortnite servers will go offline until 4 December.

Epic Games is getting ready to release yet another patch for the popular video game Fortnite. This time around, the creators are launching a significant new piece of content known as Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. However, players will notice that the game servers become unresponsive just before the new patch goes live in-game.

When will the servers for Fortnite be brought back online?

After the Fortnite Chapter 3 Finale event ends at 4:40 p.m. ET | 1:40 p.m. PT on 3 December 2022, matchmaking will be disabled on Fortnite servers. It’s unclear how long Fortnite servers will be offline, but considering this is a huge content update, they should return on 4 December 2022. 

Please take note that there is a remote probability that the Fortnite servers may continue to be down after this time. After the conclusion of Season 3 of Fortnite in April 2018, the servers were offline for a period of several days and did not come back up until May 1, 2018. It is to be hoped that things will turn out differently this time.

Players of Fortnite won’t be able to log in to the game, access game services or matchmaking, parties, friends and messaging services, voice chat, stats and leaderboards, the Fortnite Item Shop, or Fortnite Crew because of the regularly scheduled maintenance.

During this maintenance window, only the Fortnite website will be accessible to players. It is important to note that all other services provided by Epic Games, such as the Epic Games Store, Rocket League, Sideswipe, and others, should continue to function normally.

As soon as Epic Games has finished implementing the new Fortnite game patch, the servers will return to their usual state and players will once again be able to access the game. You can get the latest information by checking either the official Epic Games server status page or the Fortnite Twitter feed.

It is always a good rule of thumb to connect your PC or console directly to your router via a LAN cable. This is because Wi-Fi can, in some cases, be prone to network issues.

At this point, that is all the information that we have. Players are encouraged to maintain their patience because it won’t be long before the servers are back online again.

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