Fortnite Performance Mode Coming to PC

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Performance mode is set to be introduced in Fortnite in the next update, ahead of next year.

As the name suggests, performance mode is an option feature for player struggling to run the game at playable FPS. Being in the alpha stage will limit this feature to Battle Royale and Creative Mode but it is ideal for less fortunate players who are without decent PCs at this moment.

The extra performance isn’t generated out of thin air, but players need to compromise on visual quality for extra frames. The low-quality textures will reduce the load on the CPU and GPU, which given more room for your PC to push extra frames. This update will be perfect for players having low-end PC that can’t maintain a constant 60FPS.

The benchmarks are more than impressive. If such hardware is capable of pushing such an amount of frames, the performance mode update delivers just as promised. This feature will likely bring more casual players to the game, who are willing to enjoy with friends irrespective of the poor graphics.

Performance mode will be available in the Video Options under Advanced Graphics. Change the Rendering Mode to Performance (Alpha).

How to disable High Resolution Files in Fortnite

  • Open up the Epic Games Launcher
  • Go to Library
  • Click on the three dots next to Fortnite, then click options.
  • Then untick the box beside 14.48GB.
  • Then click Apply.