In what could come as a shocker, fnatic could undergo a lineup change. The IEM Katowice-winners had not been spared from the miscommunication within the organization. The player in question, Golden, will although represent the team at WESG Finals, happening in China.

In a recent report by, it seems that Xizt has found his new home at fnatic.

The replacement will arrive in the form of Xizt, who was recently benched from Fnatic’s rival NiP. Coincidentally, NiP signed Dennis, whereas, fnatic are aiming to get Xizt on board. The trades appear to be a concur swap.

Fnatic’s roster will look like:

  • Lekr0
  • Xizt
  • Flusha
  • JW
  • Krimz

Fnatic is not new for Richard ‘Xizt’ Landstrom, instead, he was a part of it in the era when Counter Strike 1.6 was on the urge of being overshadowed by CS:GO. Xizt, also shared his disappointment publicly. Richard was the member of one of the first NiP CSGO rosters. It was tough to him leave the active roster after five-great-years.

The news of Xizt joining fnatic is not official yet, we’ll wait to see how it unfolds when the team will make their way to compete at DreamHack Masters Marseille & IEM Sydney 2018.

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