The anticipating roster change from Sweden has finally been executed as NiP have officially signed Dennis. The pistol-master will take the role of the in-game leader. NiP has been struggling to get good results at all sort of events lately. Their continuous bad performance have led the team to look out for alternate options.

Recently at BeyondTheSummit’s CS_Summit 2, NiP had a landslide defeat where they couldn’t win a single series.

NiP Roster 2018

  • f0rest
  • Get_Right
  • Dennis
  • Draken
  • Rez

In both the best of three series, NiP could only win one map in each case. The 1-2 defeat against Liquid, followed by another 1-2 against Heroic in the loser brackets had left fans disappointed. NiP’s road ahead in the year will be determined by their performance in the ESL Pro League S7 (Europe) which is scheduled a few days from now. The new roster will face their Swedish counterpart, fnatic. Dennis ‘dennis’ Edman will also be seen competing against its former playground.

“I’m very excited to become the new in-game leader for NiP,” said Dennis. “I’m positive that we can become what NiP once was, a world-dominating CS:GO, team. I am super excited about the next step in my career as a player!” he added in a statement to the organization.