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The final Journey – ESL India Premiership 2016

ESL is scheduled to host ‘Masters’ the final event of ESL India Premiership from 7th to 10th December. It has been an exciting Journey for the participating teams as they made their way to the final Masters Event through a series of 6 starter cups and two challenger cups. This is the first season of ESL India premiership with the second season yet to get an announcement, expected to start from March 2017. The ESL India Premiership season 1 began in May has reached its Final stages after an eight months journey with over 3000 participants and 940 matches being played. The total Prize pool for season 1 was Rs. 42,72,000 INR.

Top 2 participants from each Challenger Cup qualified for the masters. The Participants do not limit to India but Pakistan and Bangladesh as well. They have fought it out over six starter cups and two challenger cups. It was full of Excitement for the participants, and they competed for the final goal to take secure a place in ESL India Premiership Masters to be held at Delhi NSIC grounds inside Comicon and Nodwin studios Gurgaon.

Year-ending finale

All team will be playing with original rooster when they participated in ESL India Premiership Starter Cups and Challenger cups as their rosters were locked when they participated.

The DotA 2 teams follows:

Circle Gaming (Gondy, Mamamicita-, Mage, Khans, Art of feeding)

Invisible wings (A35, Evil-Ash, Archmage, Crowley, P@ssol)

Beyond Infinity (No_Chanc3, Swifty, Blizzard, Zedisbug, Negi)

The Council (Animal, Deaths, Closer, Zunnun, Aiman)

3e4 Da (3CZCXV, Madara, Serio, Heaven, 3CY)

Standin 5 (Pashu, JustMyLuck, Avaritia, FM, Xarkkkkk)

4M Esports (Kun-Yo, NCH, Renji, Apple_PR, Viper)

Team OP (Senjin, Zap, Aizen, Rc.Assassin, Baka)

CS:GO squads

Brutality (V3nom, Rix, Juventa, Impale, Ace)

Risky (tba)

Dare2dream (Hellranger, Blackhawk, Antidote, Ka1vish, PokerF)

D5 (Wuzz, Pexxer, Fox,Huntr, Astarrrr)

Invisible Wings (Psy, Rix, Kappa, Mithilf, Nijo)

Overcome (Amaterasu, Falken, Shabby, Monster, Pwn)

Evolution (Samvard, Xntric, Hatecrew, Frag You, ZoloThrix)

Elements (Mad, Bunty, Nimz, Salvage, Jalela)

The winners of CS:GO, DotA 2 and Clash Royale, will take home the lion’s share of the massive prize pool of amounting to INR 19,58,000. We’ll be at the venue covering every bit of it for our readers. Make sure you browse our ESL India Premiership page to find the latest happenings. You can find the stream of both the games LIVE:

CS:GO – http://www.twitch.tv/eslindiapremiership

DotA 2 – http://www.twitch.tv/esl_india

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