FIFA 23: Release date, Latest news, pricing, features, and more

With the FIFA World Cup starting in November 2022, many fans are expecting the release of the latest FIFA 2023 in order to get the most of the tournament by complementing the excitement of real games with an almost real experience of playing provided by the best technology available in videogames.

FIFA 2023 is expected to be out on 30th September 2022, which means that fans get a little more than a month to enjoy the game until the FIFA World Cup starts to complete the experience.

Furthermore, the release of FIFA 23 is not only special because it is quite close to the most important football competition in the world, but it is also unique because this will be the last FIFA game of the series.

FIFA 23: the end of an era

After 30 years of producing and releasing football-themed videogames under the name of the FIFA series, the American video game company Electronic Arts (EA) is ending its relationship with FIFA. As a consequence, FIFA 23 is the last football video game of the FIFA Series, marking an end to a whole culture in football video games.

The next releases from the Electronic Arts (EA) studios will be named EA Sports FC, while it is expected that FIFA will enter into a new partnership with a different video game developer in order to create the real FIFA video game.

The details on the FIFA series were crafted by To learn more about the new features and how they work, head over to the folks at Fragster for more details.

FIFA 23 new features

Aside from what we already mentioned, FIFA 23 is also special because it has some new features that are also marking a change in the football video games culture. 

Aside from the regular FIFA World Cup, the new FIFA 23 will allow players to play the Women’s World Cup. Also, women’s club teams will be available for the first time. This is a massive change toward women’s equality in sports. Thus, FIFA 23 will probably stay on the record for coming up with a game that engages gender equality.

Another relevant change is that FIFA 23 will allow crossplay in one versus one game. This means that players using different systems will be able to share a game.

Regarding technological upgrades introduced in FIFA 23, the game will include HyperMotion 2 which will create even more realistic players and contexts. 

A new feature on FIFA 2023 is Power Shots, which allows players to use all their power to release epic strikes. Even though you will have to work on accuracy when using Power Shots, if you get it right you will be able to create the most amazing goals. 

How to get FIFA 2023?

With fans already showing signs of anxiety, after the release date was confirmed, pre-orders became available.

Sites like Amazon or GAME allow customers to get pre-orders on the game. When placing the pre-order you will be able to choose the Standard Edition or the Ultimate Edition of the game. If you pick the Ultimate Edition, you will get early access to the game on 27 September. 

If you can’t wait for that much, you still have another chance to access the game earlier through the Closed Data that the company usually releases before the actual release of the game in order to get feedback from users and make the latest adjustments, if needed.

Even though there is still no official information about when the beta version will be released, it is expected to happen sometime in August. 

How much will FIFA 23 cost?

With a release date already confirmed and the pre-order process opened, the prices of FIFA 23 can now be easily established. The FIFA 23 Standard Edition price is approximately $59.99 in the United States, while the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition costs $89.99.

As we said before, buying the Ultimate Edition will give you access to the game three days before the release date, which for many players means getting more chances to practice before other players can access the game.