FaZe wins IEM New York 2020 EU

Faze beat OG 3-0 to win IEM New York 2020 Finals.

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Team Faze are the new champions of the IEM New York 2020 Europe by defeating Team OG 3-0 in a best of 5 series in the grand finals. 

The map veto began as Faze removed Overpass and OG banned Vertigo. Faze picked Mirage as their first pick and OG picked Inferno as theirs. Faze then again picked Dust 2 as the third map and Nuke was picked out to be played as the fourth map and Train was left over to be played as the final map of the series.

The first map of the series was Mirage and it was a very well contest between both the teams as we saw amazing counter strike being played by both the team with OG edging out 8-7 in their favor in the first half, Faze replied back in the second half and taking the scoreline 15-15.

The overtime went back and forth and in the end Faze finally came out to be the stronger team and won the map 22-20.

The second map was Inferno and Faze just went bizarre as they completely dominated OG in the entire map and by winning the half 12-3 in their favor, they did not give even a single chance to their opposite to comeback in this map and won the map 16-5. 

The final map of the series was Dust 2 where we eventually saw OG leading the scoreboard and winning the half 8-7. Although Faze wanted to finish the series and with the help of Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač they went on to win the map 16-11 and the series 3-0. 

Snap via HLTV.org

IEM New York 2020 Europe final standings:

  • FaZe – $70,000
  • OG – $30,000
  • Vitality – $12,000
  • fnatic – $12,000
  • BIG – $5,000
  • Complexity – $5,000
  • Heroic – $3,000
  • G2 – $3,000

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