genshin impact rust bow

After titles like Fall Guys and Among Us, ‘Genshin Impact’ is the newest talk of the town. The Role-Playing Game by miHoYo features a vast open-world experience for the players to enjoy. While primarily a single-player game, Genshin Impact can also be played with a group of four people in co-op dungeons.

Weapons are the key to survival in Genshin Impact and they determine how effective your attacks are. Bows are one of the best weapons in the game useful for damaging enemies from far away. If you’re looking to pick up a bow, you’ll find a lot of options ahead of you. The 4-star Rust Bow is probably one of the finest choices you can pick in this class.

The Rust Bow has a base attack of 42, with its secondary stat as a base attack having a 9% damage. It has a Rapid Firing passive that increases the attack damage of normal attacks by a whopping 40% while decreasing the aimed shot damage by 10%.

The Rust Bow can be upgraded to increase its base stat as well as the attack damage bonus. The damage amplification is maxed at 80% with a 12% penalty in aimed shot damage.

There is no sure-shot method of obtaining the Rust Bow as of now, which means that you will have to rely on their luck to obtain it. Players have a 5.1% chance to get a 4-star weapon in a wish. Even if you do get a 4-star drop, the chances of obtaining the Rust Bow from the banner are also quite slim.

  • The Rust Bow is a 4-star bow which the lore of Genshin Impact suggests is so rusted – and powerful – that an average person wouldn’t be able to draw and fire it. This explains why dainty anime characters can rapid-fire their machine-guns style. It’s just that Genshin magic, I guess.
  • The Rust Bow has a base attack stat of 42, and its secondary stat is also attack – beginning at 9%. 
  • Its passive is Rapid Firing, which increases the attack damage of your normal attacks by 40% but decreases aimed shot damage by 10%. This is a curious and cool bonus, as aimed shots are most often used for elemental attacks, while there’s not an enormous incentive to use normal attacks with bow users – but with a bow like this, there’s a real incentive.
  • As you upgrade and ascend the rust, both its base stat and that normal attack damage bonus get buffed, with the latter topping out at an 80% increase in exchange for only a 12% aim shot damage debuff.

Rust is by no means the best bow in Genshin Impact, but it is a killer option – especially considering as a 4-star bow, it’s not as ridiculously rare as a 5-star option, as the below video from YouTuber Rayken showcases, using it as part of a god-like Fischl build.

How to get the Rust Bow

Right now, there’s no guaranteed Rust Bow drop within Genshin Impact. That’s important for you to know, as some guides out there suggest that there’s a Rust Bow location, which as far as we can see is false. As far as we’ve been able to see so far, there isn’t one. And you know what that means… it’s Gacha Wish time, baby!

As a four-star weapon, the Rust bow is actually a slightly more likely drop from Gacha wishes than most – but you’ll still have to get lucky in order to nab one:

  • As a base, you have a 5.1% chance to get a 4-star weapon in a wish. If you do get a 4-star draw, there’s no guarantee it’ll be the Rust – it could be any of the banners included 4-star weapons or characters.
  • The Rust Bow appears as a standard-probability drop in the ‘Wanderlust Invocation’ wish banner, which is a constant banner with no time limit. So that’s not going anywhere and is a constant opportunity to get this bow, at least for the foreseeable future.
  • The Rust Bow has an enhanced chance to drop as part of the limited ‘Ballad in Goblets’ banner – which is a great banner to pull on because it’s also home to Fischl and Venti, two top-tier arrow-slinging characters by our reckoning. This means you have a slightly greater chance of getting the Rust Bow here than on the other banner – but this banner is only available until October 18.
  • For the record, the Rust Bow does not have an increased drop rate on the ‘Epitome Invocation’ banner, the current weapon-focused banner at the time of writing, but it seems it can be a normal-probability drop. 

Promo Image Credits: Rayken