The fate of Luminosity players: Bayern Munich or SK Gaming?

SK Gaming recently announced changes in his team, which will count on the Brazilians who played inLuminosity Gaming . But the changes may not stop there. According to journalist  Richard Lewis,  in his program  The Richard Lewis Show on youtube , the German organization was sold, but the buyer’s identity is not yet known . Speculate that the Evil Genius and the German team Bayern Munich may be the organization’s fate . He said the company would not be able to afford the Brazilian players and pass by rebranding .

On the last day 23, we had other evidence that SK Gaming has been purchased. Phillip Rasmussen, the media manager of Astralis,  responded to a tweet from Duncan Shields (Thorin).

Astralis Manager

Thorin asks whether it would not be strange that the players of LG go for SK Gaming after repeatedly questioning the ethics of the company. Rasmussen says they may need not to worry about it since the organization is almost sold.

The rumors increased in intensity during the ECS.  If this happens, the Brazilians will become a team of eSports to represent a football team (Schalke 04, Santos and Remo are other examples), wearing the colors of one of the most traditional clubs in the world.