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Fan Creates Pokemon x Fortnite Concept Video and It Looks Amazing

While Fortnite has collaborated with several big brands including the likes of Marvel, DC, and even the popular Anime Dragon Ball, it has yet to collaborate with Pokemon, one of the most popular gaming and Anime franchises in the entire world.

Fortnite fans are keeping their fingers crossed for the battle royale’s collab with Pokemon in the future, but whether this becomes a reality still remains to be seen.

If you wish to know what a potential Fortnite x Pokemon collab would look like in reality, you’re in luck. A 3D artist on Twitter with the username ‘Feraalsy’ has come up with a concept video detailing a Fortnite x Pokemon collab, and it has earned praise from Fortnite fans throughout the globe.

The video starts with Peely on a motorcycle while being followed by a group of enemies. He comes to a stop as he encounters Ash Ketchum, the iconic protagonist of the Pokemon Anime, who throws a Pokeball up in the air. 

The Pokeball pops to reveal Charizard, who fires a ball of fire onto the truck, incinerating it in an instant. Charizard then lands by the side of Ash Ketchum, while letting out a roar, as the screen cuts to black.

The trailer isn’t an official collab between the two franchises, but just a concept video made by a fan. However, in only a day since it was put up on Twitter, it has managed to garner over 4 million views with over 41,000 likes.

This goes on to show how excited the community is for a potential Fortnite x Pokemon collab in the future. Whether it comes to fruition still remains to be seen.

Sonu Banerjee
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