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Fake GTA 6 malware Mac users into giving up passwords

A doctored version of GTA 6 has surfaced with malware-induced that is designed to sniff out passwords for Mac users specifically.

According to a cyber security specialist at Moonlock, GTA 6, which is scheduled to release later this year has already been targeted by hackers where a fake version of the game gets injected with malware that extracts sensitive information, namely passwords from the local keychain on the system.

Such malware is not new and downloading software from shady websites is the primary reason why such hackers are successful. To avoid falling for such scams, it is advised to stick to official websites to purchase software and avoid anything that offers it up for free because more often than not it is likely something similar to this.

“Disguised as a harmless DMG file, it tricks the user into installation via a phishing image, persuading the user to bypass macOS’s Gatekeeper security feature. Gatekeeper normally prevents unsigned and un-notarized applications from running, but the malware exploits a user override feature,” Moonlock researchers write.

According to Dexerto “This script works like a digital pickpocket, stealing credentials and focusing on sensitive data stored in different applications and databases on your Mac. The malware searches through system folders, seeking valuable data like cookies, browsing history, and login details from popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, Opera, and OperaGX.”

GTA 6 is months away from its release and hackers are already using it for scams, only time can tell what new ways they come up with.

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