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Game-breaking Dota 2 Bug Causes Player To Switch Teams From Radiant To Dire

A game-breaking bug has recently been found in Dota 2, and it causes a player to switch teams mid-game, turning the battle of the Ancients into an unfair 4 vs 6 match.

The bug in question was initially brought to light by Reddit user ‘immortal_alex’, who shared his bizarre pub experience in a thread on the platform.

The Reddit post showcased the game ID for the aforementioned turbo game, with the user claiming that the Juggernaut in his team switched from Radiant to Dire following a weird interaction between Swiftslash and Mirror Shield.

A quick look at the full video of the incident sheds further light on the subject. We’ve attached the clip below for our readers to take a look at.

Nearly 31 minutes into the game, the Ogre Magi on the Dire team was trying to take control of a Watcher when the Radiant Juggernaut casted Swiftslash on him. Ogre’s Mirror Shield completely negated the Swiftslash but seemed to have triggered an unusual interaction as the Juggernaut switched sides and joined the Dire team once the duration of the Swiftslash ended.

As Reddit users in the comment section began to theorize about the reason behind the bug, some commenters came up with a few interesting hypotheses.

‘FrodoNigle’ claims that the conversion of Juggernaut to the Dire team took place due to the Watcher buff. Taking a look at the match replay, it’s evident that Juggernaut had the ‘Lit’ buff on his status bar once the Ogre finished his channeling — a buff that is usually seen on Watchers when they’re converted to a team.

byu/immortal_alex from discussion

While users in the thread have promptly reported the bug to Valve and implored the developers to address it as soon as possible, Dota players have collectively agreed that this is one of the funniest bugs that the community has encountered in the game’s history.

byu/immortal_alex from discussion
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