Facebook announces Gameroom to compete with Steam


Facebook announced Gameroom just a day ago to compete with PC gaming. Facebook has aggressively rolled out its Windows gaming platform.

Gameroom will let the users play web-based and mobile ported games in an independent dedicated Windows app. The major competition and barrier to Facebook would be competing and keeping up with the features, reliability, and security as strong as its American rival, Steam. If Facebook indeed manages to persuade gamers to migrate to their gaming system with flavored social feed, then there’s a long way to go for the social media giant.


The time when developers and publishers like miniclip and Zynga lured in web-based gamers into the Facebook’s very own application system, the era of smartphones completely shifted the focus of the gamers onto Mobile gaming. Android killed the web-based games.

But now, with this move, facebook not only can re-gain the potential million users from the PC Gaming bait, but can also integrate their social lives with professional ones. Facebook has every aspect of the features expected by users who tend to stay online and mark their virtual presence. With Facebook Live venturing into Esports recently aiming to compete with Twitch and YouTube Gaming, Facebook now also dares Steam with its massive presence in the social media industry.

From selling games to allowing them to stream it live or gathering feedbacks on beta releases, Facebook can definitely be the global leader in the gaming industry if it plays the cards right. The app is available for users to download on Windows. When you install the client, you are asked to log in with your Facebook account, and you’ll be dispensed with a spotlight screen of ‘Editor’s Choice’ games and titles organised by type. A category page lets you view all available games in a given genres, while any games you already play on Facebook that are compatible with Gameroom will appear in a column on the left.