VCT East Asia LCQ: Teams, Schedule & Bracket

With the VCT APAC LCQ already underway, the second leg of LCQ as a part of Asia would be the Valorant Champions Tour East Asia Last Chance Qualifier will kick off on August 8th. 

Last year, the whole of Asia, with all the regions inclusive of Korea and Japan, was only given one LCQ slot at Valorant Champions. But for VCT 2022, The Region was divided into East Asia, consisting of Japan, Korea, and China, and the Asia Pacific, SEA, and SA. 

With the VCT APAC LCQ already underway, The VCT East Asia LCQ consisting of three teams from Japan, three from Korea, and two from China would play each other for the Valorant Champions spot. 

The teams from Japan and Korea were selected based on Circuit points, while the Chinese representatives were selected through a qualification tournament. 

VCT East Asia LCQ:

  • Maru Gaming KR (Chibab, Jeong hi, WIX, Moves, Nakji)
  • On Slayers KR (Bazzi, TS, eKo, GodDead, Estrella)
  • Damwon Gaming KR (exy, Lakia, Esperanza, Bangnan, allow, t3xture)
  • Reject JP (iNTRO, Medusa, takej, Reita, Anthem)
  • Northeption JP (Derialy, JoXJo, xnfri, Bhackwiz, Meteor)
  • Crazy Racoons JP (rion, neth, popogachi, Meiy, astell)
  • Edward Gaming CN (nobody, Life, ZmmjKk, Haodong, CHICHOO)
  • Kone eSC CN (LuoK1ng, Ninebody, YiHao, Knight, Yosemite)

These eight teams would battle each other in double-elimination Best- of-3 matches except for finals and lower finals which would be a Best-of-5. Only these eight teams would get a ticket to Istanbul, Turkey as the East Asia representative at Valorant Champions.

The VCT East Asia LCQ Bracket looks like the following:

The Schedule of VCT East Asia LCQ:

VCT East Asia LCQ Results:

Opening Rounds
EDward Gaming20OnSlayers
Maru Gaming02Reject
Crazy Racoons21Damwon Gaming
Upper Semifinals
EDward Gaming20Reject
Crazy Racoons12Northeption
Lower Round 1
OnSlayers20Maru Gaming
Damwon Gaming02K-One eSC
Lower Round 2
Crazy Racoons02OnSlayers
Reject02K-One eSC
Upper Finals
EDward Gaming20Northeption
Lower Round 3
OnSlayers21K-One eSc
Lower Finals
Grand Finals
EDward Gaming30On Slayers

All the matches are as per KST/JST, which are GMT+09:00 and would start at around 04:00 PM KST/JST every day from August 8th, with the finals concluding on August 14th.

You can watch the matches on Valorant Youtube and Twitch Channels, Valorant Japan Youtube, Valorant Japan Twitch, Valorant Korea Youtube, Valorant Korea Twitch, and Valorant Esports China Youtube and Val Esports China Twitch.