Free Fire MAX OB36 Update: Release date of the upcoming Free Fire Update

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Garena the developer of Free Fire Max will be rolling out the OB36 update for all the players. The new update has some exciting features along with new events. Free Fire Max is the revised version of one of India’s most famous battle royale mobile games Free Fire. The game comes with better graphics and higher resolution.

The next OB36 update for Free Fire Max will be adding a ton of content to the game including some interesting collaborations. The details of this release are not confirmed yet we can estimate a date for it.


The estimated release date of Free Fire Max is 15th September 2022. Before this update is released globally, it will be tested on advance server and its details are given below:

Free Fire Advanced server is basically beta version of the game but with large number of restrictions on the access of this game. Users can not directly access this version of the game, unless and until and official permission is granted to them. This permission is given in the form of activation codes for the users.

Closely follow the steps given below to register yourself on the Free Fire OB36 advance server.

  1. Click here to go to the Free Fire Advance Server website.
  2. Select a registration method via Facebook or Google login.
  3. Fill in the necessary details like name and email ID.
  4. Click on “Join Now” button present on the screen. This will register you on to the advance server.

As mentioned before, 15th September will be the release date for Free Fire Max OB36 Update. This date is not yet confirmed by the developers.

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