ESL and DreamHack to launch a $5 million CSGO open circuit in 2020

Dreamhack and ESL revealed the new ESL Pro Tour a new CSGO Circuit with an aggregate prize pool of around 5 Million USD.

The ESL Pro Tour will combine over 20 ESL and DREAMHACK tournaments into a single narrative that builds up to two Major events in a year. With this new system, ESL and Dreamhack try to bring new and uprising players and give them an entirely new path to follow their passion and this also brings a new compelling story for their CSGO fans to follow up.

One of their goals were to bring some more transparency into the Esports structure, The ESL Pro Tour will be split into two levels ; ‘Challengers’ and ‘Masters’ where the challengers include Dreamhack Open stops, ESEA MDL and ESL National Championships and it will be like an open qualifier for the teams to reach the ‘Masters’ Arena. ‘Masters’ includes the ESL One, IEM, and Dreamhack Masters events as well as the ESL Pro League itself.

And the ESL Pro Tour will be like a ladder for the teams, Every team will win certain points on each win racing towards the circuit ranking, with the best sides earning spots at the two Masters Championship Finals held at IEM Katowice and ESL One Cologne.

In a recent interview the ESL CEO Ralf Reichert gave a statement “ESL’s growth in recent years has led us to rethink what we are doing, We have built some of the world’s most impressive esports tournaments, and it was the time to connect the dots where the outcome is a bigger picture that fits better with our vision for esports. This partnership between ESL and DreamHack will give youths a clearer and more complete path to becoming somebody, and a structure that is more welcoming and digestible for new esports fans.”

ESL Pro Tour is going to be the most awaited tournament, as two of the best organizers are coming together to give their best for esports. More details about this new system are set to be announced at ESL One New York, which kicks off on September 26 and runs through to September 29.