Dota 2 reaches Over Five Billion Matches Played by users

Dota 2 is an online multiplayer video game and one of the most popular (MOBA) games of all time, it as a sequel to “Defence of the ancients” released in 2011.

This video game has broken several records over the time, even though the numbers keep going up and down frequently yet this game has managed to stay on the list of Most Played Games, and the in the terms of Esports Dota2 has most popularity due to its prize pool. (32 Million in The International 2019)

It’s been 8 years since the release of this historic video game, and it has broken several records over the years. Yesterday according to The Dotabuff website (A website for statistical data about Dota2 Games) their website registered ( 5 BILLION) Dota 2 Games, this data is from the main game stage and there were other many games played during the whole beta session as valve spent a lot of time on this one to make it perfect.

This shows that even though the past year a lot of battle royale games and over-hyped games are getting into the market, Dota 2 still holds it’s spot on the top shelf and it’s likely to stay there in the future too.