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Edward Gaming dominates VCT East Asia LCQ

The Valorant Champions Tour East Asia Last Chance Qualifier kicked off with EDward Gaming taking on OnSla2ers on 8th August and ended today with the repetition of the same match as the series’ final.  

This time, the Last Chance Qualifier for Asia was divided into two tournaments. With Japan, Korea, and The debutants, China makes up the East Asia LCQ while the rest of Asia makes up the Asia Pacific LCQ.

The VCT East Asia LCQ consisted of three teams from Japan, three from Korea chosen based on circuit points, and two slots for China, which were selected by a qualifying tournament.

The teams playing the VCT East Asia LCQ were:

  • Maru Gaming KR (Chibab, Jeong hi, WIX, Moves, Nakji)
  • On Slayers KR (Bazzi, TS, eKo, GodDead, Estrella)
  • Damwon Gaming KR (exy, Lakia, Esperanza, Bangnan, allow, t3xture)
  • Reject JP (iNTRO, Medusa, takej, Reita, Anthem)
  • Northeption JP (Derialy, JoXJo, xnfri, Bhackwiz, Meteor)
  • Crazy Racoons JP (rion, neth, popogachi, Meiy, astell)
  • Edward Gaming CN (nobody, Life, ZmmjKk, Haodong, CHICHOO)
  • K-one eSC CN (LuoK1ng, Ninebody, YiHao, Knight, Yosemite)

The VCT East Asia LCQ Bracket looks like follows:

The finals were built-up from the tournament’s first match, where EDward gaming decimated On Slayers, winning the debut match of the tournament and making a statement. 

VCT East Asia LCQ Results:

Opening Rounds
EDward Gaming20OnSlayers
Maru Gaming02Reject
Crazy Racoons21Damwon Gaming
Upper Semifinals
EDward Gaming20Reject
Crazy Racoons12Northeption
Lower Round 1
OnSlayers20Maru Gaming
Damwon Gaming02K-One eSC
Lower Round 2
Crazy Racoons02OnSlayers
Reject02K-One eSC
Upper Finals
EDward Gaming20Northeption
Lower Round 3
OnSlayers21K-One eSc
Lower Finals

The EDward gaming train did not stop, though; it revved throughout the tournament, defeating teams on their way to the finals. The team didn’t drop a single map on the way, defeating Reject and Northeption relatively easily. 

On Slayer, pushed to the lower bracket, had to battle through the lower bracket and play elimination games to reach the finals. They faced the might of Maru Gaming, Crazy Racoons, K-One Esc, and Northeption to face off against EDward Gaming in the finals.

Grand Finals
EDward Gaming30On Slayers

 The finals started with Fracture, and Edward Gaming completely decimated On Slayers once again to win the first map 13-4, to play On Slayers’ Haven next. 

Haven was much more balanced than the first map, with On Slayers almost winning the game but EDward Gaming coming back to win the map 13-11 to the third map. 

The third map Split started with both teams exchanging six rounds, but on defense, EDward gaming completely shut down On Slayers’ attack to win the map 13-9 and win the series 3-0 to become the winners of the VCT East Asia LCQ. 

They now become the 12th team at Valorant Champions and would be flying out to Istanbul, Turkey to play Valorant Champions starting 2nd September

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