Dream Face reveal

Minecraft YouTuber Dream got a shot at an appearance in MrBeast’s year rewind video after his new-found fame in 2020. He was one of those upcoming YouTubers who made it to the top without ever showing their faces. Naturally, it remains a big mystery for fans of Dream as well.

The Minecraft YouTuber tweeted out “let’s start 2021 off with a bang…” while holding a board up against the face of Dream suggesting a face reveal. However, he was rather teasing a MrBeast Rewind rather than a face reveal. Behind the board, the face of Dream was covered under the same smiley mask, only revealing a part of his neck. The part where he showed his neck got fans quickly hooked up and “Neck Reveal” started trending all over Twitter.

As of now, fans are pleased as they got to see Dream in the flesh even if it’s in a video. Fans are mixed in emotions as they were underdelivered on their expectations by their favorite YouTuber.

This was far from an ideal face reveal but this is everything Dream fans have to work with right now. Given the hype that this neck reveals trend has garnered, one thing can be said for certain that the actual face reveal will be a big event on YouTube, possibly one of the greatest faces reveals of all time.

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