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Minecraft Speedrunning team reject Dream rebuttal to abnormalities in his 1.16 record

Not much is known about Dream apart from the fact that he is an insanely skilled Minecraft YouTuber who has grown at an exponential rate to finish 2020 with 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

However, the Minecraft speedrunner recently came under scrutiny as his submission of a 1.16 speedrun record was not approved by the Speedrunning Team, who, in layman’s terms said that Dream got too lucky during his speedrun; luckier than what is generally possible in the Minecraft realm.

The math behind their accusation was provided and Dream, after spending days on his rebuttal, came out with a response with the help of an expert that goes by the name Photoexcitation.

Now, the Minecraft Speedrunning team have come out with another statement, rejecting Photoexcitation’s report and thus, Dream’s rebuttal to their accusations. The team has pointed out in their new report, the areas where they believe math was incorrectly applied and incorrect conclusions were reached that seemed to be in favour of Dream.

However, the team also added that, even the odds and probability of Dream getting this lucky in the drops he received according to Photoexcitation’s report are much higher than what can be considered admissible or plausible as per the RNG involved in Minecraft.

The author of Dream’s response paper appears to mix frequentist and Bayesian methods, resulting in an uninterpretable final result. Further, these methods are applied incorrectly, preventing valid conclusions being made. Despite these problems being in Dream’s favor, the author presents a probability that still suggests that Dream was using a modified game. Hence, our conclusion remains unchanged.

Dream had highlighted the same as well during his response but said that, even though the number in Photoexcitation’s report is still considered to be much higher than usual, he believed it can still occur or happen during a speedrun.

The popular Minecraft YouTuber does seem to have accepted the decision of the moderators and apologised for his initial reaction and behaviour when the saga started. The 2020 Gaming Streamy Awards winner has moved on and has fans going wild after he has teased his face reveal as part of Mr. Beast’s 2020 YouTube Rewind.

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