Dream blasts “horrible” fans for their reaction on #CancelDreamStans

Dream Face reveal

Dream has called out a group of his fans who popularized the #CancelDreamStans trend on social media after the streamer was accused of sending a death threat to streamers who aren’t fond of him.

The Minecraft streamer has been a part of multiple controversies at this point however the recent accusations that surfaced are far bizarre than anything he has been accused of so far. According to the accusations, Dream has been sending death threats to other content creators who don’t approve of his content.

Dream has publicly defended himself as well as the fans who the community claim to be toxic while singling out a particular group of his fans who he claimed to “horrible”. “The dox thing is horrible, and nobody should ever do that,” he said. “Everybody who does that knows that what they’re doing is horrible and wrong,” Dream added.

“Well, of course [I denounce them]. The thing is, my stans obviously do the same thing and report accounts that do things like that, and anybody who posts things like that will get shunned out of the community. I don’t consider them a part of the community.” said Kaceytron.

The accusation is yet to settled and awaiting a conclusion from either party. Dream has naturally defended himself and his stans but the accusers stand firm on their statement against Dream.

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