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Drag2Death presents tech fair Esports for Everyone in Punjab, India

Esports for Everyone is a community building convention to promote Esports in India. We aim to reach out to people from diverse cultures and professional domains and work at the grass root level to build regional Esports
communities. Esports isn’t just about playing video games or a mere “past time” it’s a booming industry with versatile professional career paths for those interested in pursuing their passion for Esports.

While the number of events that focus on the Professional circuit are on the rise, we wanted to instigate an Esports convention that works as an incubator for newer teams and eventually turn them into professional teams by
providing more competitive opportunities at the regional level.

India has the largest youth population in the world. Young people are the innovators, creators, builders, and leaders of the future. Majority of our audience and participants are from Universities, however, to encourage high
the competition we keep our events open for all.

Esports for Everyone

Esports for everyone


Lovely Professional University is the Gurukul of over 50 thousand students who come from different parts of the world. They are mostly tech -savvy and hyper active on social media and can help us organically spread a word about
Esports as we lay the foundation stone for Esports for Everyone with greater support from Dragcon, a students organization registered under the aegis of division of student welfare, Lovely Professional University to achieve our ultimate goal of making India the next power house of Esports.

The major take aways

Come and experience the Esports culture and take away an ever lasting memory. Meet fellow gamers, make new teams, consider E4E to be a dedicated community building event.

  • E4E Punjab convention invites 32 teams for CS:GO, 32 teams for DOTA2, 16 teams for women CS:GO, 128 players for FIFA18 PS4 and 64 players for Gran Turismo 4 on PS VR.
  • At Lovely Professional University, everyone is invited to experience 4 days of pure esports extravaganza, an opportunity to participate in variety of contests, open championship, workshops and varied other community
    building activities.


  • Specially designed gaming experience zones would provide hands on experience on the professional gaming equipment like Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive VR, One vs One contests and plethora of games with high
    definition graphics at free to play zone, real 4K experience, cool gaming gadgets, and many on the spot contests.
  • A chance to speak up about the future of Esports in India by participating in the Open Esports Forum called “Esports Dialogue” where ideas, concerns, problems and solutions would be debated in the most intellectual way.

Drag2Death have invited Jesse Hol “Stamination” from Netherlands to host the Esports for Everyone convention. Jesse is a well known CS:GO caster in the Indian Esports community and there are endless opportunities to learn from him about the rise and sustenance of the European Esports Industry and how India can also develop its greater ecosystem.

It is vital to layout a stronger foundation for Esports in order to implement the strategic growth model while not ignoring the underlying challenges and critical pain areas. We invite the industry veterans, visionaries and community mentors to come forward and join us in our initiative to send across a positive sentiment about the professional gaming industry in India.

E4E Punjab Convention to begin from 19th March that concludes on 22nd March 2018. The finalists of all 5 competitive games i,e CSGO Open, Women CS:GO & Dota2 Open, FIFA18 PS4 and Rocket League PS4 will be playing on the main stage of SSDM auditorium on 21st and 22nd of march.

Event format

Format: Single Elimination Lan Qualifiers and Best of 3 Grand Finale
Lan Qualifiers: 19th & 20th March at LPU
Grand Finale: 21st & 22nd March at LPU

Teams can register for the considered championship by visiting the official E4E convention website at: http://e4e.global


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