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Dr Disrespect responds to Twitch leaks


The streaming community was in turmoil when Twitch’s source code was leaked, resulting in sensitive information such as earnings of top streamers ending up at the hands of the public.

Several streamers denied those numbers but there are compelling reasons for us to believe otherwise. Of all the information leaked, what caught the attention of many was the earnings of top streamers. Earnings and finances were speculated before, but not that we have definite numbers, we know who bags how much.

Even though Doc is suing Twitch for wrongful termination of his contract, that did not stop him from pulling their leg. According to the leaks Doc made $2,863,780.63 USD from streaming, before taxes, which is an incredible number but nothing surprising given his fame.

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“The purple snake leaks? I don’t f**king care!” he said. Purple snake is a name given to Twitch by Doc following his ban.

Dr Disrespect himself was included in the leaks, though the YouTube star was listed as “unknown” in Twitch’s database his string code gave it away, and now we are certain that the individual is Doc.

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