Virtus Pro announces their new lineup before TI6

Virtus Pro announce Dota 2 roster after disbanding their whole lineup about a month ago.

Check out the insights of roster disband

Just after a month of roster disband along with their managerial staff, Virtus Pro announced their new preliminary roster which will include their very own previous mid player Sergey ‘G’ Bragin.

Virtus.Pro Dota 2 current roster :

Russia Alexey ‘Solo‘ Berezin
Ukraine Ilya ‘Lil‘ Ilyuk
Russia Sergei ‘G‘ Bragin
Ukraine Alexander ‘XBOCT‘ Dashkevich
Ukraine Vladimir ‘No[O]ne‘ Minenko

Since the above roster is not fixed, Management will be trying out the current roster. If the roster is finalized Vega Squadron will loose its Two players namely – Noone and Solo.

Team will now be lead by ‘Solo’ and VP will welcome their old player ‘Lil’ back to the roster.

The main question for the audience is which player will play what role. From recent updates and players pub games it is seen that XBOCT will be again trying out the offlane role which he was playing in Team Spirit, while  Noone being a mid/carry player could be taking the position 1 role for team.

CEO of Virtus Pro :

“We have not yet signed any contracts with the players. In fact, we’re still discussing the possibility of creating such a roster”, – told the organisation’s CEO Anton “Sneg1” Cherepennikov. – “Everything can change in any moment. I’m also concerned about maintaining the proper sports management for the team. This is one of the most important and responsible tasks for me. Players are already warned about the physical trainings, daily regime and sports discipline.”

Anton ‘Sneg1’ Cherepennikov

After the whole managerial staff was removed a month ago along with the roster. CEO of VP is now making up the roster himself which will be a challenging job.

We wish Virtus.Pro all the best for their up coming matches and career’s of all the members of team.

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