The first map of the game cobblestone, began with Fnatic on the favorable terrorist side in the first half where they were able to pull off a next to impossible pistol round in a 2v4 scenario with Krimz taking triple straight kills and advancing to the game followed by 2 anti-eco rounds. Fnatic, as usual, triggered the nerves of the Polish players in the first half when they were leading 8-2, but soon to deny them any more charity, Neo took the responsibility and drove VP to quick 4 rounds win making the game less favorable to either side and an ordinary 9-6 favoring fnatic on terrorist side.

The second half, which rather was a one-sided affair by VP as they completely outclassed fnatic in the second half by beating them on aim duals and strategies having the likes of Kuben as a coach and Neo as the IGL for the game.

The first map ended up in favor of Virtus.Pro after they allowed Fnatic just to have double-digits on board and finally closing down the map with the strong and unexpected scoreline of 16-10.

Despite giving us a good show, dennis was unfortunate to have been carrying the team alone.
Despite giving us a good show, dennis was unfortunate to have been carrying the team alone.

The second map Mirage which was Virtus.Pro’s pick unlike the first one, started very balanced and regular for Fnatic as they were able to make the round chaotic and being able to win a couple of following rounds making it 3-0 after a flawless ace by Dennis in very early rounds of the game. VP, however, were not late to reply as they win quick two rifle rounds making the score 2-3.  The sixth round, the masterpiece from VP completely out-played fnatic and the streak continued for the rest of the half as VP nailed down fnatic 10-5 in the first half of the second Map even when being on the less favorable side of the map. To replicate their performance from their regular standard of playing, fnatic once again won the second pistol round in the most chaotic way possible.


As the game progressed in the second half the chants in the audience also started to build up as Virtus. Pro stomping back-to-back clutches to beat fnatic on multiple rounds making life difficult for the Swedish side and making the score 14-8. The final nails in the coffin were even hit by the VP IGL Neo who denied fnatic utterly of their dreams for being able to bring it back from that deep.

Virtus.Pro finally closed the series with 16-10 in the first map and 16-8 in the second map. They take home $390,000 and a trophy to respect their fans all over the world.