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Opinion about the new Dota 2 matchmaking system

After almost a week after the huge experimental update on the newly reformed matchmaking system and with the community have a mixed opinion about the same, here’s our opinion regarding the new matchmaking system.

First of all, Valve, decided to scrap the concept of solo and party MMR, in order to push players to play with their friends and basically socialize. The concept of party and solo MMR was that the power was given to the player in order to decide whether one wants to queue for a solo game or a party game.

New concept – Core MMR & Support MMR

Valve basically transitioned the ranked roles matchmaking system from the Dota plus to the normal matchmaking system making it available to everyone. But after the update, we’ve seen people queue for a support role and instead of picking a support hero to end up picking core heroes and spoil the game. It can be because of a low behaviour score but not always.

Players ignoring the role that they queued into.

After the experimental update rolled out, Valve received a lot of complains that players queue for a support role and end up picking core heroes, Valve decided to punish such players by increasing the report frequency to 5 and penalizing the players that fail to pick the heroes according to the roles decided.

Major MMR difference

After the experimental update, Valve devices to take the average of part and solo MMR. Now the impact this has is massive for example if a player has 2k solo MMR and has 5k party MMR then the player will end up queuing with divine or high-level ancient players, now this may spoil the ranked experience for others.

How to improve the experimental update?

If a player queues for a support role, after finding the match the hero grid should limit the ability to choose a hero to only support heroes and hence revoking the power to pick a core hero and spoiling the game.

Although this update caters massively to the high MMR system, but that’s only 10% of the entire Dota 2 community. Majority of the players are not happy with the new matchmaking system.

Valve has promised improvements to the matchmaking system with community feedback after The International ends.

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