OG N0tail Saves Enemy Zeus Twice, Then Dies

The 2 times TI winner tried to gank his enemy midlaner when things went horribly wrong.

Johan “N0tail” Sundstein is a professional Dota 2 player and currently plays as a position 5 support for team OG. N0tail is currently the richest esport personality in the world with estimated earnings over 6,883,393$. He is also the coach of the team OG seed.

The 26-year-old Danish pro was streaming a game of Dota 2 and decided to gank an enemy Zeus with his teammate when things went south real quick. The Twitch clip which now has almost ten thousand views catches the hilarious moment as it unfolded.

N0tail was playing Vengeful Spirit and wanted to gank the enemy Zeus who was farming creeps near the river. He saw his ally Snapfire approaching the Zeus from behind and directed her to go for the kill. The Snapfire launched herself in the air to stun the fleeing Zeus and would be successful in her task, but N0tail swapped the Zeus to safety  due to their miscommunication. N0tail was frustrated but still wanted to kill the Zeus who was now trying to escape from the other side of the river. The Snapfire now tried using her shotgun to slow him down but once again, a misplay from N0tail swapped him back to safety. The teammates of the Zeus soon decided to join the party as they chased down N0tail’s Venge to death.

Although the situation was a little embarrassing for the 2 times TI winner, the stream couldn’t possibly get more entertaining for his fans who burst out into laughter as the entire chat room was filled with “LUL”s and “KEKW”s.