DOTA2: Valve to remove support for 32 Bit systems

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Earlier this week, Valve through a press release declared the all new The International Compendium ahead of the forthcoming The International 10 alongside an update on the ticket sales, F.A.Q headlining the travel restrictions, fantasy leagues featuring player cards and informative HUD updates within the game.

There is more to the above-said stuff as Valve now looks forward to carry the Dota Technology forward.  As we all know, Dota2 is powered by the Source 2 engine and in order to keep it fresh and updated, game developers will now be working on the game to not support older systems and configurations although these changes would be implemented in the coming months. 

The following changes below will be transitioned into the game, ending support for older machines running on 32-bit operating systems.

1. As said, you would need to upgrade to a system with a 64-bit machine and operating system.
2. The game won’t  run on MacOS versions below 10.14
3. DirectX 9 API (Application Programming Interface) would now cease to support the game as the players would need to switch to the DirectX 11 iteration.
4. Vulkan will now replace OpenGL. These two are the APIs responsible for the hardware-accelerated rendering where they interact with the Graphics Processing Unit  (GPU)
5. The support for XAudio (-xaudio) will be removed while the use of SDL Audio (-sdlaudio)  will now be in effect.

Valve in a press release further stated,

“For the vast majority of players, nothing will change when these changes are implemented. Most machines already support any of the newer technologies necessary. In fact, most players are already benefiting from the newer technologies, whether it’s via larger content sizes, higher frame rates, better graphical fidelity, or cleaner sounding audio. Removing these older technologies will let us streamline our development efforts as well as use the newer features of these APIs to provide an even better Dota experience.” 

The International 10 returns to Bucharest, Romania this fall to be played at the Arena Națională football stadium. Valve announced ticket sales for the International 10, to start from September 22. Eighteen teams across the Dota Pro Circuit [DPC] and regional qualifiers made it through to the main event and would now battle it out to lift the Aegis of Champions.

The 10th iteration of the International will return to the European zone after a span of 11 years with Germany being the last venue to ever have hosted an International in 2011. Known as the “TI”, the latter had been an annual event until it was called off in 2020 amid the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic which forced every Esports initiative to transition to an online format.

Ticket sales will go live on September 22 and you can visit here to book your seat to witness the largest Esports tournament in the history of Dota2. 

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