Dota Dragon’s Blood officially gets a Season II

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Dota Dragon’s Blood, the anime based on Valve’s popular MOBA game – is unsurprisingly getting a second season. Dota 2’s official Twitter account posted the announcement stating “Book 2 is coming!” 

Valve has yet to announce further details, though, it is possible that a trailer for Book 2 might possibly premiere during this year’s The International (TI) Dota 2 tournament this August as Free to Play, a documentary based on Valve’s first Dota 2 International Tournament which focuses on three professional Dota 2 players who are competing for the $1 Million prize pool, is now on Netflix, 7 years after its initial release and could be a possible hint to a connection between the two.

Season 1 of Dragon’s Blood premiered earlier this year on March 25 and follows the adventures of Davion the Dragon Knight. The anime also features several fan-favorite characters from the game such as Mirana, Invoker, Luna, etc, and consists of 8 episodes. Studio Mir, the Korean animation studio that worked on several shows such as The Legend of Korra, will be returning for Book 2 as well.

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