Bugs in multiplayer games can be quite frustrating for players on the receiving end, and if the bug makes you transform into a giant monster, then it can perhaps be enough to make your enemies rage quit. Dota 2 isn’t a stranger to bugs, with a recently found bug in the picking phase being potentially game-breaking.

This time, the bug won’t break the game, but you can sure have your own fun while scaring off your enemies. A video that has surfaced in YouTube recently shows the bug in play.

To recreate the situation, all you have to do is pick Monkey King, and dive to the Roshan Pit. After killing off Roshan, Monkey King can use his Mischief skill to transform into Roshan himself!

Once turned, you can stay inside the Roshan pit waiting to bait unsuspecting enemies or freely roam as Roshan throughout the map, scaring off enemies (and teammates) on your way. Be careful though, taking any form of damage from enemies will end this stance. 

 This is almost certainly an unwanted bug in the game because this shouldn’t be possible at all. Mischief allows Monkey King to transform into objects, trees, runes and even couriers, but not other heroes or Roshan.

If you want to use this bug yourself, you should be swift, because Valve is very likely to patch out this bug at the earliest chance they get. Last time we checked, the bug was still working in play.