Wang ”Ame” Chunyul is being swapped with the Malaysian carry of CDEC Gaming, Lai ”Ahjit” Jay Son.

The news was confirmed with an official post on their twitter handler.

Ame has helped carry PSG.LGD to a fourth-place finish at TI7, also being an outstanding carry at TI8, where PSG.LGD was runner-up and also securing top third spot last year at TI9.

Despite amazing run with Ame, the start of this season was lacklustre for the team. They were on a break for the first Major, regrouping for the second set of qualifiers they didn’t make it through the open qualifiers itself.

Remembering we are barely a week away from the next set of qualifiers, it seems like they had to rethink about the squad and a bigger change was mandatory.

Ame has been around with PSG.LGD since 2016, before coming to LGD for a fact he had fled from CDEC Youth Team. Three seasons later he is returning back to his roots, CDEC Gaming, in a player swap agreement between the two teams.

Ahjit is a veteran of Southeast Asian Dota, who recently moved to the Chinese region in late 2019. Before that Ahjit has experience of playing with the likes of Fnatic and Mineski. However, we will see how well he synergies with PSG.LGD.

Both teams will debut their rosters next week in the regional qualifiers of ESL One Los Angeles Major.