Valve reveal 2021 Dota Pro Circuit dates; push back new hero introduction

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Valve have released a Dota 2 blog to iterate a host of information about upcoming changes and the 2021 pro circuit.

The release of the new hero has been pushed back to be aligned with patch update 7.28. Valve will also initiate the mechanism of data tracking that will ultimately culminate in an Overwatch system quite like their FPS game, Csgo. The overwatch will be a community based mechanism that will help weed out the irregularities and anomalies in terms of cheaters and griefers.

DPC 2021 Date:

As far as the 2021 pro circuit is concerned, it is scheduled to begin from January 18, with a two – division 16 teams league system in place for 6 regions. The top teams from each region will subsequently qualify for the first major. Further details about the circuit will be released soon.

Valve also iterated that the rank reset will happen on December 1, when the new ranking season commences and that there will be a new treasure collection with it to look forward to for the fans.

Out of all the mentioned changes, the 2021 pro circuit is the most intriguing one. The tiered regional league system seems to be a hit in popular esports titles right now and it will be interesting to see how it affects the region’s growth or helps in sustaining the scene thereof.

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