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Dota 2 Fans Storm Animal Crossing: Creates the Dota Map and Jerseys in the Game

Dota 2 fans are flexing their creative muscles as the community is invading the newly released version of Animal Crossing.

The release of the new Animal Crossing was widely anticipated throughout the globe, and with New Horizons finally surfacing on March 20, Dota 2 players have already started showing their love for their favourite game.

Even before the initial release of New Horizons, Reddit user u/kakungun had already incorporated the classic Dota map within Animal Crossing using the location editor of the social sim. The post quickly gained popularity as the number of upvotes on the post kept increasing. u/Lowdrake has humorously titled the post as “Crossing of the Animals 2”

While the structure and outline of the map were remade beautifully, some finer details of the Dota 2 map were still left out. One noticeable difference being the length of the river between the radiant and dire sides, which looks like a lake instead.

The custom designs of Animal Crossing also made room for several more innovative ideas. A Dota 2 enthusiast managed to recreate some of the jerseys of the professional teams of Dota 2. Redditor u/kradnozd shows off his collection of self made professional jerseys in this post.

(Image Credits: u/kradnozd)

The pic included jerseys from the giant teams of Dota 2 like VP, OG, Secret, Alliance, Liquid and Nigma. If you aren’t a fan of any of these teams, you can always choose to wear the classic Dota 2 hoodie in combination with the cap that the character in the pic is seen wearing.

This post also received overwhelmingly positive response from the community as fans applauded his creativity. When asked for the codes to his work, the Redditor was kind enough to drop a screenshot of the codes which can be used to recreate the jerseys.

The innovations of the Dota community weren’t limited to visual pixels as another Redditor u/GreyVersusBlue managed to recreate the legendary theme song of Dota 2 into Animal Crossing. He also shared the song notes for anyone willing to make it as the theme music of their town through this post.

The imaginations of the Dota 2 community appear to know no end as new stuff about Dota keep on surfacing in the newly released version of Animal Crossing. We’re sure that there’s much more to come from the Dota 2 playerbase who have successfully invaded the social sim.

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