This CSGO Bug on Mirage Can Get You Killed From Nowhere

Mirage csgo bug

A new game-breaking CSGO bug has been found on its iconic map, Mirage, and many players are trying their hardest to glitch their game in hopes of replicating it.

The bug enables Terrorists to see through an otherwise solid object, and can easily catch a CT off-guard as he can get killed from seemingly nowhere. 

As explained in a Reddit post by a CSGO player who encountered this bug, the carts near mid on Mirage would often become see-through, enabling him to get a clear one-way view into Catwalk.

While there is no certain way to be able to replicate this bug, many CSGO fans have been trying to figure out the cause of this issue in the comments. Some claim that the bug is completely random, while others hold the opinion that this can be replicated by alt-tabbing in and out of the game. 

Regardless, CSGO fans would be hoping for Valve to fix this issue at the earliest. Till then, players might want to avoid peeking mid from Catwalk as a CT.

While this bug may not be as nasty as some others we’ve seen in the past, if you do encounter this bug, make sure not to abuse it since it can potentially get you banned from the game.