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Over 50 teams DQ’ed in TEGC CSGO Qualifier #1

CSGO’s viability has changed drastically since the advent of Valorant, especially in India. However, the enthusiasts are still optimistic of the game’s survival, given that it has outlasted and survived multiple games that were touted to be competitors.

The Taiwan Excellence Qualifier #1 for CSGO though, does not make for good reading for such enthusiasts. According to the brackets presented, over 50 teams have forfeited their respective matches, with the event still only in the Round of 16 stage.

According to the excel sheet available, majority of the teams that ‘forfeited’ their matches were directed to provide their Sostronk Team Link. Perhaps, the forfeits are actually disqualifications received from the TEGC administrators for failure to do so.

Also, as per the Sostronk page, only 23 teams are shown to have registered for the Qualifiers. This would corroborate the probable cause mentioned above.

Regardless of the reason, this means there have been more forfeits/disqualifications than the number of teams that have actually participated and played in the event.

A more damning fact is that the Brackets only show 6 matches with a definitive scoreline, despite the qualifiers already reaching the Round of 16 stage, which means 90% of the matches have failed to yield a scoreline for one reason or another.

We hope the second qualifier would see a better turnout and the teams that have registered would cover all bases correctly. Judging by this Qualifier alone, the situation looks grim.

Abhisek Bajaj
Abhisek Bajajhttp://www.talkesport.com
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