Qi CSGO Invitational

Qi is bringing back intercontinental competition between Asian and European CS:GO. Qi CSGO Invitational.

Injunction with Thunder Media Entertainment, Qi will be hosting the “Qi Invitational”, a Studio LAN event from April 6 to April 8 that will be held in Belgrade, Serbia. Featuring a prize pool of $75,000, the event will feature 8 teams, half of the European and the other Asian.

The Qi Invitational hopes that with this opportunity, viewers alike will be presented the levels of Asian and European Counter-Strike when pitted against each other in a competitive LAN environment.

Qi CSGO Invitational

The distribution of spots will be held as follows:

  • 4 European Invites
  • 4 South-East Asian Invites (SEA and CN)

The tournament format is as follows:

  • Group Stage Ladder with 2 four-team groups
  • Opening and Winner’s matches are best of 1 format
  • Decider and Elimination matches are best of 3 format
  • Single elimination best of 3 playoffs

Prize Distribution:

  • 1st place – $45,000
  • 2nd place – $20,000
  • 3rd place – $10,000

+ $1,000 bounty for winners of matches where European teams are facing Asian ones Qi believes in CS:GO’s potential as a top esport in the esports industry. As one of the most simplistic and unpredictable games to watch, CS:GO has proven itself to be one, if not the best, titles to venture into. For its ability to bring in viewers from any demographic, Qi sees a lot of in the potential of CS:GO in the future and very excited to see a FPS title have such an
outstanding growth in Asia which has been dominated by MOBA games for a very long time.

Qi recognizes the huge skill disparity between Asian Counter Strike from the rest of the world. Yet, Asian Counter Strike rarely has chances to experience different play styles and competition outside of their region. With the Qi Invitational, this is a great chance for Asian teams to test their trade against the powerhouse continent of Europe.

The experience these teams gain from playing European teams are invaluable; it’ll provide new perspectives on
how to play competitive Counter-Strike itself, and Asian teams will have a chance to obtain that experience at the Qi Invitational.

Thunder Media Entertainment will be handling the English stream and production for the event itself. In addition to an English stream, there will be a Chinese and Russian stream included for this event. Qi is glad to be working with Thunder Media Entertainment to help cultivate the Asian Counter Strike region.