Picture credits: Liquipedia/RLewis

ESL Pro League’s participant Evil Geniuses are at the receiving end of criticism. And it is coming from none other than Richard Lewis. After losing to CeX, EG have been called out for their abysmal performance. The team which once had the leap in the CSGO pro scene are now struggling to even get to playoffs.

In the Season 13 of ESL Pro League, EG finished 21-24th position. The typical journey of EG was rather unconventional, as they beat Astralis 2-1 in the first match-up. And that was their only win.

EG was beaten by Fnatic & Virtus. pro 1-2 and subsequent matches with Liquid & Endpoint ended with 0-2 for the American side. There was no concrete reason for the losses, however, the community was quick to blame the 17-year-old Owen Schlatter who maintains his in-game nick oBo.

Richard Lewis, an esports commentator who has historic contribution to the CSGO scene also had his versions of criticism for the roster. With phrases like, “how bad you are,” “total failure,” “and you’re a disgrace,” Richard concludes his condemnation.

For now, EG are out of the Pro League with just 3 points at the bottom of Group D, sharing the space with Fnatic which also stands at 3 points but a worse Round Difference of -52, as stated by HLTV.org.