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Global Esports qualifies for WESG 2019 APAC Finals

Global esports beat Gaming hub from Pakistan in a rematch in the Consolidation finals with a 2-1 score-line and joins BL4ZE esports in the South Asian slots for the LAN Finals which will happen from January 2nd to 5th, 2020 in Malaysia.

Both Indian Teams qualifies for the Asia-Pacific Finals to represent the country as well as the the whole of South Asia.

Match Summary


  • Global removed Nuke
  • Gaming hub removed Overpass
  • Global picked Train
  • Gaming hub picked Mirage
  • Global removed Vertigo
  • Gaming hub removed Inferno
  • Dust2 was left over

Global esports started on the T side lost the pistol round but answered with 5 rounds consecutively and Gaming hub could only take 5 rounds in the first half which gave a pretty solid start to the Indians. Gaming hub won the second pistol and the following round and won rounds here and there but couldn’t make a comeback and the map was won by Globl esports with a 16-11 score-line.

Global started on the CT side and won the pistol but the New Galil force-buy Meta yielded next 3 rounds for the Pakistani’s, they were answered by Indians with 3 rounds of their own but the half ended in favour of Gaming hub, 9-6. The second pistol and 2 following rounds won by Gaming hub as well cemented their lead and the map was over with a victory for the Pakistani’s on a score of 16-10.

Global esports lost on Dust 2 previous time the met, but this time they did their homework against the mighty Pakistani aimers, first half was pretty even-steven with a score of 8-7 favouring the Indians, Global esports showed their brilliance on the T side by giving only 1 round to Gaming hub on their CT side and cemented a dominant victory and a slot in the APAC finals with a 16-8 score-line.

Congratulations to both Indian teams for qualifying to represent India on an International level .

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