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G2 2-0 Team Liquid To Eliminate Them From IEM Katowice 2022

The North American roster could find a total of 13 rounds across 2 maps.

G2 esports defeated Team Liquid in a quick 2-0 series to stay alive at IEM Katowice 2022 after they were handed an upset at the hands of fnatic yesterday. Team Liquid’s run at Katowice ended with this loss, having already lost their opening Bo3 to FaZe Clan. NiKo stole the show once again, and this time there wasn’t any lack of support from m0NESY or huNter-


  • Liquid removed Nuke
  • G2 removed Overpass
  • Liquid picked Vertigo
  • G2 picked Mirage
  • Liquid removed Inferno
  • G2 removed Ancient
  • Dust2 was left over

MAP 1: Vertigo (Team Liquid 8-16 G2)

MAP 2: Mirage (Team Liquid 5-16 G2)

Team Liquid decided to test G2 on Vertigo, a map IGL Aleksib hasn’t played an official on, ever. G2 started in fiery form winning the pistol and conversion but a Hero AK47 from EliGE in round 3 caught them off guard and they lost the next 2 rounds. With the score at 2-2, G2 turned up the gears, led by NiKo’s heroics on A ramp and m0NESY on the AWP. Both the superstars had a combined 32 kills to find 10 for G2. Liquid had a decent resurgence towards the end after being down 9-2, they fought to bring it to 10-5.

The T side was where Aleksib’s tactics would be tested, and although they lost the pistol they won the force buy and converted the next 2 to sit comfortably at 13-6. Liquid fought back with 2 more rounds but G2 did the needful to get to 16-8.

Mirage started the same way for G2, this time on the T side. They lost the pistol but bounced back with 5 on the trot. Team Liquid could never find 2 consecutive rounds as G2 had total control with their mid takes and NiKo entry on the A-site. This time was supported by his cousin huNter-, who had 21 frags to complement NiKo’s 18 in the first half to give G2 an 11-4 half.

Liquid won the pistol yet again, but they lost all the rounds that followed, giving G2 a comfortable 16-5 win. 


After a dominant victory today, G2 remain in contention for a playoffs spot at the Spodek Arena in Katowice. They will face the loser of the NaVi vs FURIA matchup which starts at 20:30 IST today. 

Team Liquid meanwhile, have to go home in 13-16th position alongside Copenhagen Flames and OG.

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