New CSGO Update Makes Items Purchased From Store Non Tradable for a Week

csgo update

A new update has been shipped by Valve to their competitive shooter CSGO today, and it brings with it a change that might have a significant impact on the trading scene of the title.

The change that we’re talking about, and perhaps the most noticeable change in the small update is the update to the marketability of items purchased from the in-game store.

Moving forward, players won’t be able to sell items bought from the in-game store for 7 days from the date of purchase.

Neither will the operation cases redeemed as operation rewards be tradable or marketable for one week.

However, items received from market-restricted containers will continue to be sellable immediately on the Steam Community Market, the developers have confirmed in their blog post.

Alongside this CSGO update, the update also included a visual bug fix and some stability improvements.

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