How to Calculate Steam Market Tax on CSGO Items

If you’re actively using the Steam community market to buy or sell CSGO skins, you might already be aware that the displayed tax on each in-game item is roughly 15%. However, it doesn’t work as you’d normally expect it to.

For instance, if you put a CSGO item for sale on the Steam Community Market at $100, you should be receiving precisely $85 by subtracting the 15% tax from the initial $100, right? Turns out, you’d actually receive a bit more than that.

How is the Steam Tax calculated?

Steam takes a 5% tax per community market transaction and CSGO items have an additional tax of 10%. Steam also takes another $0.01 per market transaction. Summing these up, let’s take a look at how the taxes exactly work.

The Steam taxes work by dividing the selling price by the tax instead. So, if you put an item on sale for $100, you’d need to divide it by 1.15 to find how much you’d receive after making the transaction.

Which means $100/1.15 = $86.97, deduct the $0.01 Steam tax from that, and you get a total of $86.96, which you receive once the transaction is done.