Photo: Bash

If you’re familiar with the most iconic map of CSGO then chances are you’re also familiar with the lone football lying near the T-base on Dust 2. While players are seen occasionally giving the ball a kick or two, probably no one had thought of using it as a tool to gain a tactical edge on their opponents.

From the initial looks at a clip uploaded by Reddit user u/rospower, it would seem that he had successfully wasted a lot of time pointlessly kicking the football all the way to the upper tunnels on Dust 2. However, that was instead quite an intelligent way to bait his opponent out into giving him info on his location.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to be able to pull off this simple football trick. The video shows u/rospower kicking the ball inside of upper tunnels and waiting just outside for an enemy to come. An unsuspecting CT soon approached the upper tunnels and instinctively kicked the helpless football. A flying football was more than enough clue for rospower to push in and score an easy kill on the CT who was caught completely off-guard.

The trick can be effective on the simple psychology that a helpless football lying around is just too tempting to not be kicked, or the ball can even be placed in narrow choke-points so that it automatically goes flying whenever someone walks through it.

While this trick might not be as effective in the highest levels of competitive play, you can surely give it a try on your regular matchmaking games and produce some hilarious moments.