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CSGO Hackers Switching to FACEIT Following Matchmaking Changes in Official Servers

Recently, CSGO experienced a massive update that drastically changed the game’s matchmaking system and introduced several restrictions on free-to-play accounts, rendering them unable to join ranked games.

These changes were likely aimed at reducing the constantly rising cheater count of the competitive shooter by putting the entirety of ranked matchmaking behind a $15 paywall.

However, it seems like cheaters have found new ways to circumvent the paywall behind ranked matchmaking.

According to recent reports from several sources, third-party matchmaking services like FACEIT have experienced a surge in the hacker count ever since the update was introduced, implying that hackers may have switched to these third-party services after the implementation of restrictions on free-to-play accounts in ranked matchmaking. 

These third-party services don’t restrict their matchmaking to Prime only, which means free-to-play players can enjoy them as well.

While the anti-cheat system of FACEIT is believed to be superior to that of VAC, it isn’t enough to handle the sheer spike in the number of hackers over the past few days. Cheaters are constantly finding newer means to bypass the anti-cheat system and testing them out through free-to-play accounts, which is ruining the experience for other players in the game. 

This might lead to FACEIT enabling stricter filters in the future to identify sketchy free-to-play accounts and banning them from matchmaking. But until then, the number of hackers infesting matchmaking can certainly be a pain to deal with. 

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