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CS Source 2: All News Surrounding CSGO Source 2 Engine

If you’re an avid CS:GO fan, you may have spent a couple of sleepless nights over the past few weeks in eager anticipation of the release of ‘Counter-Strike 2’. The port of CS:GO into the Source 2 game engine has always been a big deal in the game’s community. In fact, rumors revolving around a potential Source 2 release have been looming within the CS:GO community for several years now.

The hype and excitement surrounding CS:GO Source 2 reached new heights after a report from seasoned esports journalist Richard Lewis surfaced on the internet.

The speculation surrounding the release of Source 2 in CSGO reached new heights at the end of February 2023 when the game’s official Twitter account updated its profile banner

Speculations for far 

The speculations escalated even further when prominent leaker ‘Gabe Follower’ tweeted that NVIDIA drivers had added support for two new executables, “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe” This unexpected revelation sent fans into a frenzy, prompting renewed excitement and curiosity about the long-awaited game engine upgrade. 

CS:GO now has Source 2 in its pre-release branch, which could indicate a release in the next update. Obviously, “CSGO 2” is a misnomer since it is not a successor but rather a port of CSGO to the Source 2 engine. And it looks like that iteration of CS:GO could be coming with the next patch. 

Files cradling Source 2 were reportedly added to CS:GO’s pre-release branch on March 14, as reported by Aquarius, a Full Stack developer, on the website SteamDB, which tracks any changes to Steam’s database. 

This suggests that changes to Source 2 may be included in the upcoming release. 

Observations and Major Takeaways 

Players have observed that a patch of this magnitude usually hints towards a significant addition to the game. In this case, it may be the Source 2 port which  

Another player mentioned that whenever Valve adds new upgrades to CSGO, they do so ahead of schedule by several hours. However, this fix may arrive the following day because of the large number of files. 

Though it must be emphasized that this is not a formal confirmation of a Source 2 update to the game. Rather, this is a sign that a significant upgrade is going to be released in the not-too-distant future. Many players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are anticipating the Source 2 version. .

The 128 tick servers that have been requested so frequently by CS:GO players are presumably coming to the Source 2 version of Counter-Strike at launch. Also, a better matching system is in the works to reduce reliance on ‘third-party’ matchmakers like FACEIT and ESEA.

According to reports out of Seattle, the game has already been tested by a group of experienced players at Valve’s headquarters.

Counter-Strike 2: When To Expect?

The beta edition of Counter-Strike 2 is expected to be released in March 2023, and the full game will follow on April 1 at the latest.

As mentioned earlier, the public beta of Counter-Strike 2 will reportedly be released by the end of March 2023. Taking a glance at the previous major updates that the game has received, it’s safe to say that the CS 2 update will go live between a Tuesday and a Thursday. The odds of the Source 2 update dropping on a weekend are almost non-existent.

With the above being said, we may soon witness a major overhaul taking over competitive Esports which would shift tides in favor of Valve and Counter-Strike if things seem to be promisingly decent enough and defer from going south.

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