Today, the Counter-Strike franchise is 20 years old and still going strong. It’s not just a cult following, however. Players from all over the world are tuning in to support their teams, the Prime Minister of Denmark tweeted a cheerful message of endorsement backing the national legends from Astralis, and generally, there are at least 950,000 players playing the game monthly.

Interest in the game has been carried on the back of its amazing gameplay mechanics that invite depth while allowing players to adapt. When you factor the betting scene that spawned around Counter-Strike, you truly have an unprecedented gaming phenomenon.

Today, mainstream websites such as these bookmakers here provide information about Counter-Strike betting markets, and specifically the game’s most recent version, Global Offensive. If we have to identify the reason behind Counter-Strike’s popularity, though, we will boil it down to several main reasons.

Focus on Simple Gaming Mechanism

Counter-Strike is extremely easy to get into. You are assigned to one of two teams, buy weaponry and collect the bounty for taking down enemies. Simplicity is the main driver of success behind the game. Designed at a time that games couldn’t be too complex to be successful, Counter Strike shined. The simple mechanism of the game fueled the growth during the early rise of esports and competitive gaming.

You got just bullets, rifles and grenades, there are no special powers, no abilities which defies physics. Thus, making the game more realistic and enjoyable.

Many games tried to emulate it, creating heavyweight first-person shooter titles that simply never stuck because they lacked the simple, light, sandbox easy-of-play that Counter-Strike had and abide by. Riot’s Valorant does come close now as we discuss about new FPS titles, but its too early to call the shots as the game is yet to complete its first launch anniversary.

Strong Push from the Community

No success would be complete without backing from the community. The Counter-Strike community has been a perpetual pillar of support for the game. While not everyone always agreed with the decisions taken by Valve, and especially one that dates to 2019 when the game went free, the game’s popularity has remained healthy.

Yes, there have been some dips in the game’s status, but this has been amended by successful and capable teams that have excelled time and again. Yet, the game is back again and it’s stronger than ever.

Counter Strike fans are called and recognized as the most loyal breed of gaming industry for this very reason. From following a team to owning branded gears of Razer & SteelSeries and ROCCAT sometimes, Counter Strike’s rise should also be accredited to its community. The loyal fans of FNATIC, NIP, Complexity and Mousesports who’re following their favorite squads for over a decade, makes it the perfect contender for a top esports competitive title.

Great Tournaments

Tournaments have played an essential role in the game and you can rest assured that these tournament structures have been the main reason why the game has continued to evolve. Competitive teams from all over the world are coming together to vie for sizable prize pools, and this has been going on for years.

Players are incentive to compete form a young age, which has kept the game vibrant and focus on up-and-coming talent. Of course, there are many people who just enjoy to play and don’t mind the crowd they are playing against.

In fact, publishers of the game, Valve had introduced their own version of giant events with ‘Major’ status, which further spread the growth of the game.

Today, Counter-Strike is a defining experience that stays with players long after they have experienced it the first time and that is a beautiful thing. There are only very few franchises that stick with the community after 18 years. Counter-Strike is bound to last another decade at the very least.