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BL4ZE Esports beat Entity Gaming 2-0, on to WESG 2019 South Asia Upper Bracket final

A swift 2-0 victory over Entity Gaming takes Bl4ze esports to the upper bracket Finals against the winner of Global Esports (Ind) v/s Gaming Hub (Pak) and pushes Entity gaming in the lower bracket.

Match summary


  • BL4ZE removed Mirage
  • Entity removed Vertigo
  • BL4ZE picked Nuke
  • Entity picked Dust2
  • BL4ZE removed Overpass
  • Entity removed Inferno
  • Train was left over

BL4ZE started de_nuke on the T-side and took the pistol round and ended the half with a 9-6 score-line favouring them, Entity pulled back the pistol on their T-half and following two rounds to make the score 9-9 but after that it was a BL4ZE show and took the map victory with a dominant 16-9 scoreline.

Entity started de_dust2 rather strong with a pistol win on the T-side and took the following round as well, BL4ZE pulled back one round but the following two rounds were in Entity’s favour. First half ended with 8-7 score-line favouring Entity. They took the CT-pistol round as well and the following but the fire of BL4ZE players pulled rounds back and came into a lead with a score-line of 13-11. It was getting close and close and the teams were trading rounds. In the 29th and 30th round superk1d clutched a 1 v/s 2 and a 1 v/s 3 respectively to close the map and the match with a 16-14 score-line.

Next up in the Qualifiers is the El-classico, India v/s Pakistan match between Global Esports and Gaming Hub.

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