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Allu leaves ENCE CSGO active roster

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ENCE on Twitter have announced that Aleksi ‘⁠allu⁠’ Jalli will be moving to the inactive position on the team after the player has cited personal issues behind his decision.

Allu has decided to take an indefinite break from Counter Strike: Global Offensive and will immediately be replaced by  Olek “⁠hades⁠” Miskiewicz on ENCE’s roster as a stand-in. The 28-year-old Finnish future stated in his tweet, reporting “hectic years” with a minimal amount of breaks eventually leading him to experience burnouts and feel drained, inside and outside of the server.

This is the first time Allu will not feature on ENCE’s lineup since his addition to the team back in 2018. Most recently, ENCE were unable to get out from Flashpoint season 3’s closed qualifier after losses to Anonymo and DBL PONEY made allu speculate over his decision on a much more serious note.

Over allu’s decision, ENCE released a statement,

The hectic nature of our sport takes its toll and as such Aleksi “allu” Jalli has indicated a need to take a leave of absence for personal reasons. Together with Head Coach Eetu “sAw” Saha and GM Niklas “Willkey” Ojalainen and the rest of the team we have taken the step to accommodate this and allu will be sidelined from action for the time being. Wellbeing and ability to operate in full form is a top priority for us and we hope to see a fully refreshed allu on the servers.

As mentioned above, Olek “⁠hades⁠” Miskiewicz has been named as the temporary replacement for allu, who will help ENCE compete against SKADE at the upcoming LOOT.BET Season 9. In the absence of allu, Hades might go on to play under ENCE at the Elisa Invitational as well, a $100,000 Online event, to be played from June 3 – July 3.

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