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Operation Shattered Web introduced various player models termed as agents. This update had mixed reaction, most of which were negative. The player model had a peculiar ability to camouflage into certain areas of the map making them almost impossible to see during matches. This issue was never publicly addressed by Valve until this point, but third party server providers and tournament organizers have refused to comply with this update.

The latest patch notes from Valve says that three agents, 3rd Commando Company, ‘Two Times’ McCoy, and Seal Team 6 Soldier have gone through a process of cosmetic modification which essentially darkens their overall look besides some added contrast on their head and shoulder region to stand out in certain areas.

They have also fixed the foliage issues in Overpass which helped certain player models to conceal themselves. This map improvement goes along the player model update to help in with the visibility of players. And once again Olof ‘olofmeister’ Kajbjer’s excellently engineered play to get rid of Lekr0 by ripping his head through the pixel gaps between the wood plank which rest on the triple box in Mirage was the reason to force Valve to issue an update. The gap according to patch notes has been removed.

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