CSGO skin collector creates record by buying a weapon skin for $100,000

Looks like some virtual pixels can cost more than your car.

csgo skin howl

The skin economy revolving around Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is vast. Every day, the Steam market possibly experiences transactions worth millions of dollars based on CSGO skins alone. The price of some of these virtual items are hefty, while that of some are outright unbelievable.

It’s not rare for skin collectors of CSGO to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy Dragon Lore, or on a Gungnir. In fact, it’s rare for these skins to go under a thousand dollars because of their demand and limited availability.

The record of the costliest skin ever sold in CSGO history was held by a Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore which went for a whopping $61,000 after the Boston Major held in January 2018. That specific Souvenir skin had a golden sticker of Skadoodle in it, who was the Boston Major MVP and played in Cloud9, the winning team of the tournament.

Two years later, that astonishing record has finally been broken, not by a Souvenir skin but by a skin whose sheer rarity surpasses that of even the dragon lore and dressed in stickers which cannot be obtained in the game anymore.

According to a Twitter post by ohnePixel, a Chinese CSGO skin collector has bought a Stattrak M4A4 Howl with 4x IBuyPower Katowice 2014 stickers for around $100,000, which is a record skin price in the history of CSGO.

Besides the Howl being an extremely rare and contraband skin by itself, this one had a float as low as 0.003, which further increased its value combinedly with the IBuyPower Katowice 2014 stickers applied on the skin. All these factors resulted in the huge price tag on this specific M4 Howl.

The collector is reportedly looking to sell the skin for $130,000, which will set another record in the history of CSGO for the most valued skin to ever have been sold.