Photo Via DreamHack

Matthew “WARDELL” Yu has been involved in a lot lately, from accidentally leaking confidential information about potential new roster to getting baited into obvious traps.

WARDELL fell for an obvious trick while playing with Moe. The match was being played out on Vertigo, the map which is known for its uncertainties. It was added to the active duty later than the other maps and thereby the foundation of map knowledge for Vertigo is yet under development stage even up to the professional level. Strategies for the map are evolving in a swift manner and crazy boosts are coming out of nowhere to impress the audience every now and then, which was the primary reason behind WARDELL falling for it.

WARDELL learned about a new boost from Moe which enables a player to reach T-Spawn from the B bombsite. Previously players have managed to run-boost from T Spawn to Under Stairs which played out well for them. The former Ghost player expected this to be a new development considering the recent changes to the map and went along Moe’s advice. The run-boost failed miraculously as WARDELL fell to his own demise.

WARDELL along with his teammates started laughing at his own stupidity. Moe has quite been the point person in Counter Strike when it comes to such stuff. We are looking forward to the next player he takes these cunning ideas to.